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Ohio Tourism and Ohio Addiction Services

Going to Ohio might not be in your life’s list of things to do. But this sleepy state has its merits too when it comes to travel. Not only is Ohio easily to traverse, but it’s also low priced and easy to enjoy. No matter the season, you can find something for the family to enjoy – and even if it’s just you and your partner, you will find the Ohio is a place where you are able to relax. They also offer greate christian drug rehab programs That’s what the Midwest does best, after all.

The Main Cities in Ohio

When you’re getting out your travel books or you’re looking online, you might want to keep these Ohio cities in mind for your vacation:

  • Columbus
  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Sandusky
  • Toledo
  • Youngstown

The capital city of Columbus is home to Ohio State University, so it’s a college town that has a lot of activity during the days and nights. You will find the town is easy to traverse and you can enjoy gourmet foods as well as a football game.

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The C cities are also great places for a taste of bigger city action and energy. Cleveland is home to a number of sports teams, which can help you keep up with your favorite games. You might also want to look to Cleveland for the hottest acts in music in their wide array of venues.

Things to Do in Every Ohio Season

If you’re the type of traveler who likes to have more than just an idea of what you’re doing in the state, you need to look to Ohio for ideas.

  • Summers – Go to Lake Erie and enjoy a number of water sports. You can also find a variety of beaches and docks from which to view the lake while you’re eating and enjoying a musical act. Put-in Bay is a favorite, for example.
  • Springs – Since Ohio doesn’t really have a Spring season, this can be a good time to look at the many museums and other indoor attractions.
  • Fall – Again, fall isn’t something that lasts long in Ohio either, but if you travel to the southern areas, you can watch the leaves turn various colors and you’ll have less traffic than you might experience on the East Coast. You may also want to check out The Little State Fair!
  • Winter – Many of the zoos in the state of Ohio offer Christmas light displays that will help you get in the holiday spirit.
  • What You Can’t Miss in Ohio

When you first think of Ohio, you might not think of Cedar Point, but you should. Home of the biggest roller coasters in the world, this theme part has been around for decades and continues to offer new coasters and rides annually. Open nearly year round, you can enjoy trick or treating with children here during the fall, or stand in longer lines when it’s the summer time and everyone comes out to enjoy the water attractions.

Ohio might be flat in its topography, but it offers a number of things to do – it’s certainly not a dull place to visit.